In memory of NWAFS Life Member Lionel Tucker Photo taken during the banquet dinner "Selfie Scavenger Hunt" at the Joint 2014 CAC/NWAFS Conference in Rohnert Park, CA



Thank you for visiting the newly designed NWAFS web page. It is a work in progress and the

Board is excited for all the changes that will hopefully make for a more simple way to interact

with the organization. Please be sure to check back often for meeting updates, job postings, and

other news related to events going on throughout the NWAFS. We are currently in the process

of updating content, so please feel free to contact any member of the board with suggestions on

how we may improve the website.


If you are interested in joining the NWAFS, and would like to look further into the membership

requirements, please feel free to contact our membership secretary Steven Stone

( Our membership is comprised of forensic scientists and

independent practitioners, primarily from the northwest region of the country; however, several

members come to us from other organizations all across the United States.


The objectives of the NWAFS are to encourage the dissemination of information within the fields

of forensic science, foster friendship and cooperation among forensic scientists, and to stimulate

research and development of new techniques within the field. We are excited to follow through

on these objectives and are constantly striving to achieve these goals. By publishing our Crime

Scene Newsletter quarterly, we are getting the word out on interesting research performed by

the scientists within the NWAFS. Our annual meetings offer a great chance for networking and

comradery among forensic scientists across multiple agencies and disciplines. The upcoming

Technical Working Group on tire/footwear impressions this Spring will be a great chance to

promote research and development in the field of Trace Evidence.


The members of the Board are committed to moving the organization in a forward direction that

improves on the communication, organization, and quality of the NWAFS in the upcoming year.

We are already underway in planning the workshops for the 2016 meeting in Boise and look

forward to providing quality training for our members. I hope to see you in Boise, and if you have

any comments or feedback for what the NWAFS Board can do for you, please feel free to

contact us.


Trevor Allen
NWAFS President

Proud Member Organization of the American Board of Criminalistics.

American Board of Criminalistics 

The 2017 annual meeting will be held the week of September 18-22, 2017 at the Embassy Suites hotel in Portland, OR.


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